Exhibition-forum “I have a right to a new life”


On November 29, 2019, at the Ukrainian House (Kyiv, Khreschatyk St., 2), supported by SYC, ZOVU, OU and other organizations, an exhibition-forum “I Have a Right to a New Life” took place, where 132 creative works were presented. including, for life, and 78 clients of probation services from all over Ukraine.

Deputy Minister of Justice Denis Chernyshov (Denys Chernyshov) opened the event.

After the review of the exposition, winners were announced in nominations:
literary genre (poetry, prose);
– artistic genre (paintings, drawings);
-commercial-applied art
and there was a frank talk about the causes and consequences of crime.

Criminals are not born … This is the result of our indifference and not the desire to see the problems in which a person violates the law. The crime rate is an indicator of instability and stratification of society. We all, each of us, are responsible for what is happening next.
Particularly touched on the topic of school bullying as an early manifestation of violence.

The main purpose of the penitentiary system is re-socialization-the correction and return of the convicted person to normal life in society. Equally important is the process of social adaptation of the convicted person after his release.

Are we ready to accept these people ?! It was about this.

Particular attention was paid to ways of overcoming child crimes.

The event was attended by the leaders of all four correctional colonies in Ukraine. Presenters were able to ask questions and receive professional answers regarding the problems of adolescents who are in conflict with the law.

Many emotions triggered the screening of the documentary “The Sky over His Heads” (directed by Vasyl Voznyak) about a teenager serving in Pryluky educational colony and his life after his release.

Event organizers:
-The Main Territorial Office of Justice in Kyiv (Head Stanislav Kutsenko);
-VMGO “Socialist Youth Congress” (leader Potemkin Alexander)
-GO “Soyuz” Golden Age of Ukraine “” (President Yana Baranova);
– OR MA “United Ukraine” (leader Bogdan Prymak);

with the support of Charitable Fund “Embassy of Life” (head of Ksenia Hrytsyuk), “Mother of the Fatherland” (head Valentyn Kanvesher), Alliance of Ukrainian Unity (head Oleg Zvily)
NGO “Mission of Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Ethnic Communities of Ukraine” Tablets “(chairman Alla Vinogradna)


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